We have multiple apps and websites that are meant to help us explore local spaces, check out ratings and decide on what we plan to discover in a certain place, whether it be at home or out travelling the world. Yelp and Foursquare are two of the most commonly used tools, catering to a wide market and letting strangers rate and review the restaurants, entertainment hubs and everything that is customer-focused on their platforms. Facebook has decided to tackle this market itself and has come up with a travel directory called Places that’s better for browsing than for searching. It is, however, rather interesting.

New Facebook Places Travel Directory
When you visit Facebook Places, it automatically checks your current destination and gives you options in your city. You can browse for other cities in other countries as well. When you pick what type of listings you want to see, such as cafes, you are given a choice from hundreds of options that you can narrow down by name, location, and places liked or visited by your friends. It allows you to also like, save and check out the places on a map. For those who enjoy having everything in a single place, Facebook’s latest feature most definitely will come in handy. it cannot replace Yelp and Foursquare however. The point is for users to spend more time on Facebook, but as it’s still quite new, the mobile integrations are not yet fully developed.

At the end of the day, however, the best search tool is by far a simple Google search. While Facebook Places may gain momentum quickly enough due to the fact that we all have better trust for places our friends have visited and rated, in turn becoming the best recommendation style advertising of this century, those with a fanbase already in the market will be hard to compete with.

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