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As a woman, one must constantly be alert and scanning her surroundings for the slightest sign of danger. Carrying a pepper spray or any other form of protective weapon is not uncommon, particularly if she’s prone to take to the streets unguarded at any odd time of the day. It’s not that crime only affects those of female genetics, but that women are overwhelmingly the victims of theft, rape, and other unsavoury events. The gender’s frailer frame makes her the perfect target for predators on the prowl, meaning she must evaluate her situation well and take her steps accordingly. There are cities in the world that are quite safe for anyone to walk the streets, no matter the hour or the place. There are, however, also cities which should put one on the constant alert and where it is recommended to always travel in a group. It may also affect men or those of other vulnerable minorities, but for women in particular, it’s important to check a city’s ranking on a safety scale, including when it comes to public transportation.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation, an incredibly large world news provider and the corporate charity of Thomson Reuters, had recently conducted a survey “Most dangerous transport systems for women in the world” in collaboration with major UK polling company, YouGov, that was aimed at measuring security measures, in particular looking into into women’s safety on transport in 15 of the world’s largest capitals. The cities were chosen based on the fact that the United Nations defines them as the largest, while New York was added as the most populous city in the United States. Those in the 16 cities were questioned if they were female, with the focus placed on gender equality, urban planning and gender-friendly urban spaces. Between 380 and 513 women in each city were chosen at random, as well as around 10 experts from each place, for a combined total of 6,555 women and experts interviewed. This ensured the sample size was reliable with little margin for error in the study.  Cairo, Dhaka, Kinshasa, Tehran and Baghdad were excluded from the original top 20 list due to local conflict or YouGov and its polling partners’ inability to guarantee the necessary online sample of women.

After completing the survey, the results were found to be shocking, placing  Bogota at the top of the worst ranked countries in terms of public transport safety. The full list, compared to New York, looks like this:

The World’s Most Dangerous Transport Systems for Women

Most dangerous unsafe public transport systems for women in the world