Forte dei Marmi beach, Italy

We are already standing at the edge of this lifetime, staring into the future. A few years ago, drones were but a figment of the imagination that spurred on Sci-Fi films and children’s shows like The Jetsons. Today, drones are to be used to save lives in very real situations, such as drowning in the seas connected to the beaches of Bosses at Forte dei Marmi in Italy, the new favourite of Russian holidaymakers and jokingly dubbed “Moscow-at-sea” among tourists. The location caters to the rich and the famous, which means that exotic creations are certainly the norm. It’s nice to realize that should anything occur while you are out swimming and you suddenly feel like you won’t make it back alive, a robotic flying piece of metal will fly over a life jacket so that you may stay afloat until you are rescued from the waters.

Forte dei Marmi Italy

Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany in Italy

Drones can communicate with the distressed people as well, giving everyone a better sense of what’s happening. Each drone can carry up to 3 life jackets and will be able to take pictures and use a video camera as well. A heat sensing camera will be able to detect objects in the dark, while a built-in GPS system means it can get back to shore without manual guidance.

Florence, Milan, Germany and Russia are the major providers of tourists which triple the numbers of people living in the little Tuscan town throughout the summer. With so many of affluent background visiting, the technology developed by an Iranian manufacturer is certainly a move forwards and a luxury that can prove to become a necessity in the future. The experimentation of using drones as life guards is an interesting idea and appeals to the population who has been awaiting pizza-delivery drones for a while now. If all goes well, beachgoers at the Bosses at Forte dei Marmi will have their very own drone heroes to thank beginning in probability during this coming summer season.

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