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John F Kennedy Airport in New York, the world's first airport terminal for animals dog in the airplane

It’s definitely something unprecedented, but having a comprehensive multi-purpose animal handling and air cargo facility at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York actually sounds like a great idea. Called The Ark, it will be the world’s first terminal that caters only to animals, domestic or farm, and even exotic. It is a Racebrook Portfolio Company who develops it. According to the Racebrook website, it has “been conceived as the world’s only animal terminal and the first USDA-approved, full-service, 24-hour, privately owned airport quarantine facility for import and export of horses, pets, birds, exotic/zoo animals and livestock.” 

The project is meant to aid and simplify the whole process of transporting animals by plane, looking into the needs of both owner and animal and doing its best to serve them both. The Ark at JFK will be 178,000 sq feet and cost a total of about $48 million, while also creating 110 jobs for locals. It will open in 2016 and will include an air cargo facility, a pet resort, a veterinary clinic building, a pet boarding facility, Paradise 4 Paws kennels and an aviary. It will also have an animal import and export center and livestock handling system, thus making it easier to move animals in and out of the country with ease. These facilities will be right on the runway, reducing the amount of stress and work associated with the movement of animals between cities and countries, while also eliminating much of the handling costs.

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