First Class on British Airways has been redubbed ‘Filth Class’ by one traveller, TV news presenter Owen Thomas. He had spent a long time saving for a luxurious flight to a vacation destination and found out the hard way that sometimes a more expensive seat doesn’t mean it’s a cleaner seat. The trip of a lifetime from London to St. Lucia on the 17th of January was marred with a seemingly top of the line first class experience on British Airways, that would have cost him about £2,700 per person. Thomas filmed ‘absolutely filthy’ and ‘disgusting’ conditions in the first class cabin of a British Airways flight and uploaded it to YouTube. He posted this message on Twitter:

In his 29-second video above the stains are apparent and the dirt on the seat and the walls can be scraped off with nails, making it even more of a disgusting ride. As one of the best airlines in the world, this is a major embarrassment for the airline. According to The Telegraph, however, it appears amends are being made and for that we are glad. Here’s hoping no one else will have to face such a service again in the future.

The most funny thing in this this situation is that British Airways was named the world’s best airline with the third-best first class in the Business Traveller Awards 2014 just around 3 months ago.