We always enjoy chatting with aspiring adventurers and widely traveled people, because we love to learn about their experiences and hear their interesting stories. Today we have a pleasure to interview Kimberly Fisher, a gorgeous young woman from NYC who happens to be a travel guru, adventure seeker, media personality, renowned writer, luxury lifestyle expert, successful Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist.

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Hi, Kimberly. Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and what you do at the moment?

I am a Brand Ambassador for Absolut Vodka and a freelance travel writer. I have been all over the world covering everything from luxury travel to spa trips to adventure travel.

How many countries have you been so far? Do you usually travel solo or in company?

I have been to 53 different countries, and most of the time I have been traveling with friends, family, my significant other or co-workers.

If you had to name 1 destination, 1 hotel and 1 attraction that impressed you the most, what would they be?

I loved Ibiza, with its upscale Bohemian vibe and gorgeous hotel Hacienda Na Xamena build on a cliff with a stunning view. One impressive attraction would be either the Great Wall of China or The Hagia Sophia in Turkey.

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In one of your other interviews you said “I love being able to pack for any trip in about 10 minutes, and I love being stylish and comfortable.” That’s what everyone dreams about, because for some people it takes days to pack for holidays. Could you please share your top 3 tips that can help others to pack like a pro?

I always keep my overnight bag and makeup bag packed, so they are easy to grab and go. It is also much harder to forget anything. I always pack wrinkle-free clothing in the same color palette and do layers. Not having to iron saves loads of time and the layering is easily interchangeable. Only bring a few pairs of shoes, as they are the biggest and heaviest items.

Being a successful online entrepreneur, what honest advice can you give to those who want to start a profitable travel website?

It definitely won’t happen overnight, so make sure you give it time and a lot of effort. Find something that sets you apart from the thousands of other travel blogs out there, and make sure the content is relevant, factual and shows a side of you.

What things do you always include in your itinerary when you travel to a new/foreign place? (e.g., to go to an art gallery, to check hot night clubs, etc)

I am a very free spirit when it comes to travel, sometimes I don’t plan anything at all and just see where the city takes me. Nightclubs don’t really hold my interest anymore, but I love restaurants, lounges and wandering the streets, just exploring different little shops, galleries and boutiques. Museums are always a good option, especially ones that tend to be smaller and quainter.

As you are a luxury travel expert, could you please give us few smart tips and tricks on how one can experience the joy of luxury holidays on a budget?

The Internet has changed the luxury travel market, so everyone can experience a five-star experience for a fraction of the cost. Apps like HotelsTonight and websites like Secret Escapes give great prices on luxury hotels at 50-70% off. Today Tix gives discounts to Broadway shows. Traveling end of season is also a good way to save some money, and avoid the crowds.

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Are there any apps that you can’t imagine going on a trip without?

I have all of the airline travel apps for easy check-in and paperless boarding passes. I arrange all of my trip on Tripit.com and I couldn’t live in New York if it wasn’t for Uber!

What are your favorite travel gadgets?

I never go on a trip without my iPhone 6, MacBook Air and portable backup charger. Other than that, I am pretty minimalistic when it comes to electronics.

What place are you going to visit next? And what are the best ways for us to follow your adventures and your projects?

I have a girlfriends getaway trip the end of the month to Las Vegas, and will be starting to plan an extensive European summer trip. Last summer it was Spain, Croatia and the South of France. Let’s see where this year will take me. The best way to find me is at KimberlyFisher.com, or on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.