Quadrofoil, Electric catamaran, new speedboat, for water activities

It’s not often we get to treat ourselves to an overseas vacation but we can always head out to the nearest lake for some fun. The problem with that is the fact there isn’t much you can do at the lake without a boat, and that’s not always possible to bring along either. Boat costs can break your bank and its maintenance may not be worth it, especially if you cannot leave it marooned at a harbour. Furthermore, if you do not plan on taking the boat out a few times a season at least, it’s almost like the luxury items is sucking away at your finances. What’s more disconcerting is the fact that there are places where you are not given license to drive a motorboat through, both to prevent pollution and gas spill, and to decrease the noise levels that might cause problems for the inhabitants of the region. What you need instead is a personal watercraft, the likes of which have newly been invented and that can solve most if not all of these problems.

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Quadrofoil is the first all electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft that comes with an all-electric outboard motor and special steering system, so not a drop of oil goes in the environment. It doesn’t make noise, doesn’t cost much to maintain, while the aerodynamic design and precision engineering make it slice the surface with cruising  speed up to 21 knots, ensuring the efficiency of the watercraft. There are no harmful emissions which means the Quadrofoil can be taken anywhere you go. It’s been designed to ensure comfort and fun through the c-foil technology using buoyancy force to lift the vessel above the surface and travel with minimum water resistance. This means you stay dry, you make little to no disturbance and you enjoy every last second of the ride. Furthermore, a single battery charge can have you driving that thing for about 100 km! Watch the video below to see the Quadrofoil in action!

Safety features integrated into the system include a shock-proof anti-collision system, a hollow hull which literally prevents the craft from ever sinking, horizontal alignment so it never tilts to the side, and safety gear which includes life jackets, paddle and safety whistle. All of this can bought for as little as €15,000.  Considering the prices of boats these days, that’s not a bad investment at all!