Most all of us carry a passport on us, whether for travel or because it comes in handy when dealing with banks and officials. Every country has its own design, some really pretty while other are plain and simple. Most of them have very little in terms of surprises to be found. None can really be named the world’s most beautiful passport. Until now. Norway’s nationwide competition for new passport designs yielded an amazing array of choices, including the triple coloured versions that will be rolling out in two years’ time.

world's most beautiful cool Norwegian passport


The three colours of the passport types will be red for the regular, turquoise for the diplomatic version and white for the immigrant status. The pages inside are minimalistic and show off a lovely faded image of the fjords. Of course, it could not receive this status as the best and most beautiful in the world without an unexpectedly breathtaking surprise. When placed under UV lights, the pages turn into a night scene with the Northern Lights overhead. The Norwegian love of nature has been truly depicted through these passports.

world's most beautiful Norwegian passport under UV lightsUnder a UV light the Northern Lights become visible on the passport pages

The Oslo design team Neue has lovingly captured the essence of the country and deserves the win. This means that now the design team gets to work with the police department to ensure the security details of a passport are met. While at it, the team has all designed a new Norwegian ID card with a similar landscape image used as faded pastel background.