South Korea Jeju Loveland sex theme park

Image: Jeju Loveland park in South Korea (by whyyan)

In this day and age, sex is not always synonymous with love, but Taiwan wants to revert the image once again so that couples can not only fall in love with Taiwan, but also fall in love with one another as they experience the thrill of a theme park full of sexual motifs. From giant dongs to heart shaped arches leading to a glass church, the idea is to awaken the passions in lovers and motivate them to take the next steps towards marriage. There will even be a hotel on the vicinity for couples who wish to turn emotions into action. Sculptures with erotic figures of human and animal lovemaking positions are meant to tantalize the senses, while the “Romantic Boulevard” as it is expected to be called, will be a rather intriguing masterpiece similar to Jeju Loveland in South Korea. Though the place is newly being constructed, the scenic area where couples have always taken wedding pictures has grown in popularity due to this news. Already, over 200,000 people have visited, up from the 20,000 of past years.

When weighing the pros and cons of creating such a scandalous park, the deputy director of Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Office, Shih Chao-hui,which promotes tourism in the predominantly agricultural counties, stated that it’s all about business opportunities. “Look, we are in the business of tourism, not education or religion, so the question should be, will the park generate business opportunities and we believe the answer is yes,” Shih said. The sex-themed park, expected to be around 10,000-square-meters (100,000-sq-ft) large and located on a 60-kilometer (37-mile) stretch of land, will definitely be generating revenue and attracting tourism to the region. It might be controversial, and it may also offend some, but many will learn to love this addition to Taiwanese tourism itineraries and take a trip over just to sate curiosity.