An adult beach experience certainly holds its own appeal, allowing one to bare it all under the sun and run about as our ancestors once did. No tan lines, no unequal bronzing and no clothes to hamper your swimming. No matter how sleek that bikini of yours is, it doesn’t beat skinny dipping. Brazil has officially announced Abrico Beach, an hour’s drive west of the city center, as the first nude beach in Rio do Janeiro. According to nudist activists, this is a great and courageous initiative by the mayor that will result in larger numbers of visitors to the region, especially since it will cater to tourists who will come for the city’s 450th anniversary and 2016 Olympic games.

Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Chile all have official stretches of nude beach as well, catering to the masses of nudists, either local or tourists coming to South America. Brazil as a whole has been home to some of the better nude beaches in the world, with its Praia do Pinho in Balneário Camboriú making the top 10 charts from time to time. Bahia’s Massarandupió Beach also makes the list with it’s off-the-beaten-path charm and bikini-free zone.

It’s a funny thought really since we often associate Brazil with excessive sexuality and frivolous activities, Carnivale most definitely coming to mind. Topless bathing, however, let alone nudity, are not received with smiles and acceptance in most places. There is a certain double standard to this as nudity during certain occasions or even on magazine covers is a common thing, with women flashing their breasts on the streets during carnival celebrations, yet it is illegal to sunbathe topless in Rio. Now, the latest decision has allowed the region to become a safer environment for those who wish to enjoy the sun and the surf, albeit with cold waters, in the nude.