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Tamar NajarianCities803

“God bless you mami,” said while checking out her body.

“Sexy- American Eagle,” said while staring at her jeans from the back.

Greetings made only to follow her afterwards for 5 minutes straight.

“You don’t want to talk? Because I’m ugly?…” Question after question as man walks alongside her for a while…

Winks, whistles and catcalls all day, well into the night…

10 hours of walking through the streets of New York, one woman showed the world in a video (from a hidden GoPro camera) gone viral just how much unwanted attention and harassment exists for vulnerable members of society. This includes not only women, but those of colour, those in old age and those from the LGBT community. For a woman, however, a walk down the street can be daunting, intimidating and even downright frightening. There are few women who come from North American cities that can honestly say they have never faced harassment. Whether we’ve been objectified, stalked or simply catcalled, it matters not. Most of us have been placed in a situation where we are forced to change the way we are in order to escape unwanted attention. If jeans and a crowneck t-shirt are enough to solicit such treatment, we might be facing a big problem.

USA and America hold major appeal for those from less developed countries, Asia, and the former USSR, but what is often not realized is the difference in how you are treated on the streets. The “good morning” comments are great and probably a welcome part of your new lives, but the sexual objectification of a woman just because she’s a woman (the unattractive are equally harassed but made to feel like they should be grateful for the attention) is very much a real thing. What you see in this video is what a woman will face in a single day of travelling around on her own. Walking about alone at night is even scarier. Of course, it always depends where you are walking, but in most crowded areas you will undoubtedly face sexual harassment.