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1.2 Million Lights Set New Guinness World Record in Canberra Australia Santa
It’s an amazing light show with a charitable twist when Australian lawyer David Richards creates a spectacular Christmas display at the downtown Canberra CBD mall, more than doubling the size of his previous record and raising money for the local Sudden Infant Death Syndrome support service and Kids Australian Capital Territory charity. With 1.2 million multi-coloured lights strung up within the capital, spanning 75 miles (120 kilometers) and in the shape of huge interconnected Christmas presents, we can see what Christmas-crazy really means. The record has been set for putting together  the largest ever festive LED light image display.

1.2 Million Lights Set New Guinness World Record in Canberra Australia Santa and red lights
The electricity needed to keep this amazing free-to-see display is donated by the local power company, bringing the Christmas spirit to the whole of the community. The best part about all this? You can definitely make a pit stop in Canberra at any point in December up until New Year’s Eve to see this amazing festival of lights.

It appears that the 1,194,380 twinkling bulbs arranged since this past Wednesday clearly beat the previous record set in Shurtan, Uzbekistan by 181,540 lights.That’s more bulbs than the average person places on his home during the holidays, even the most Christmas fanatic! Furthermore, last year another World record set by the lawyer with the most Christmas lights put up on a private home, where Richards had plastered 502,165 on his Canberra residence, though this undertaking had caused way too much traffic and would not be a feasible option to repeat. The money going to charity is in memory of the son he lost to SIDS back in 2002, where Kids ACT was a major help to the family.

Watch the video below of footage from the Canberra’s shopping centre Christmas display:

Here’s to a Merry Twinkling Christmas for everyone!