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Travelling involves seeing both the exotic and the classic, understanding cultural differences and the similarities shared by all. It places one in a situation where the world is seen through a kaleidoscope and the colours are both enchanting and soothing. To travel means to discover what is common and what is so specifically unique to a certain region, taking in the sights that nature has born while find one’s self utterly captivated by the creations of man. In the midst of all this splendour, it often takes putting the scenes of 2 different places side by side and truly exploring the individual characteristics that define the location as its own jewel.

What one photo artist, Matel (@RabbitShoot), did was explore both New York and Paris, discovering the intricacies that set each apart but also those which were shared in such a way that it almost seems like they are part of a seamless fabric. Like many large cities, transportation modes, necessary infrastructure and national monuments are rather similar. The artist decided the similarities alone were not enough to explore and delved into the differences as well, truly capturing the vibrancy and explosion of character that defines each city as a whole. The split-screen and timelapse seem to be the perfect manner by which this message was conveyed.

Paris vs New York City comparison video breakfast Paris vs New York City comparison video trains Paris vs New York City comparison video yellow taxis Paris vs New York City comparison video bridges at night Paris vs New York comparison video bycicles Paris vs New York comparison video bridges Paris vs New York City comparison video food

What we see is similarities in the focus on the ecological manner of transportation, while where New York has a more industrial feel, Paris is simply magnificence in architecture. Similar archs may exist in both cities, as well as bridges and treasures each could be proud of (though New York’s treasure was a gift from France), the sleek modern design of the American city shows a day and night difference when placed beside the olden picturesque city planning of the Parisien streets. Life is just as fast and the streets full of people, but the European counterpart offers more vintage looks while across the seas it’s a focus on modernism. In either case, however, both cities inspire pride and a certain love shown for their beloved homes by the local populations (foreigners seem to love both just as much!)

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