When you travel, you spend hours poring through options, personalizing the vacation package or destination details to your tastes. It is time-consuming and often what you are presented with is most definitely not what you have been looking for. You begin to think you have it all correctly packaged until you realize you have been missing an essential component, be it access to the nearest beach, distance from where you will be working or studying, or merely the inclusion of breakfast with the bed. TripAdvisor has been tracking your clicks, your searches and your preferences for ages now, but had not yet used it’s massive pile of data for anything. Until now, that is. A new feature has just been unveiled that allows the aggregator to truly cater to your needs. It is, after all, called “Just for You” for a reason.

“By virtue of the insights and attributes that we’ve gathered from millions of traveler reviews and opinions, TripAdvisor is uniquely able to match travelers with their ideal hotels,” said Adam Medros, senior VP of TripAdvisor, in a press release on the website.  “The new Just for You feature is the evolution of hotel search on TripAdvisor and a natural extension of our ongoing efforts to make every travel-planning experience more helpful and personally relevant for our users.”

TripAdvisor Just for you


So what does it do? Everytime you search and mark a preference, it will gather that data and store it in a bin that’s tailored just for you, using the information to tailor search results to exactly what you’re looking for. You will not need to mark that you want a swimming peal as wella s close proximity to the beach. The feature will have those preferences stored and will only present you with results that include just that. Visitors to the page will be able to mark their price preferences along with travel styles, locations, hotel types, brands, etc. The idea is to make your search less frustrating by giving you only options you want to choose from, instead of a list of options that you don’t care for. It will not only give you the type of hotel you ask for, but it will ensure it is the boutique style with the spa and extra services you so dearly love.

We already loved Tripadvisor for so long as it gave us the confidence we needed for staying in a certain place or eating from a certain restaurant due to its quality ratings. Now, we will only love it all the more for its ability to personalize results to our tastes, optimized for our pleasurable experience.

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