Adelphi Hotel, World’s First Dessert-Themed Hotel, Melbourne, Australia

Something looks really sweet about the latest addition to the funky specialized hotel industry as the Queen of Melbourne’s boutique hotel scene, the iconic Adelphi, has opened the doors to the world’s first “dessert” hotel in celebration of its 21st birthday, in September of 2014. The thought of it is simply delicious and we are left wondering how amazing such a hotel theme can be made to look. It appears that thanks to design guru Fady Hachem, the sweetest new posh hotel features interiors with rich, chocolate-toned furnishings, the carpets patterned like cakes, a rather intriguing design in “licorice allsorts” stools, and the enticing scents of baking filling the rooms.

Adelphi Hotel, World’s First Dessert-Themed Hotel bedroom in Melbourne, Australia

Of course, what would a dessert hotel be without a signature Om Nom restaurant, the name alone tantalising the taste buds; with French-trained patisserie chef Christy Tania, this ship seems right on track for captivating the average tourist or even local with a major sweet tooth.

With an all-inclusive pricing, that the Adelphi Hotel website claims, includes a stocked mini-bar, welcome drinks, as well as unlimited latest-release movies and WiFi, it’s certainly a rather interesting place to decide to stay. Furthermore, the glass-bottomed rooftop pool looking over Flinders Lane is enough of an attraction unto itself, bringing in tourists from around the world to enjoy delicacies while lounging in a pool overlooking the city. To top it off, there are 2 restaurants to feast in and a state-of-the-art boardroom to hold business conferences in.

Adelphi Hotel, World’s First Dessert-Themed Hotel exterior in Melbourne, Australia

Mixing pleasure with business is the hotel’s specialty and its rather affordable pricing ensure there’s no man with a sweet tooth left behind.