new EcoStone Bluetooth speakers by EcoXGear waterproof
When you’re gearing up for the summer ahead, or if you are either living or travelling to a place where the weather’s perpetually warm and swim-worthy, you might want to bring the new EcoStone Bluetooth speakers by EcoXGear along with you. The EcoStone connects with any bluetooth enabled device so you can play your music from anywhere, anytime. You don’t even have to worry about the speakers getting wet. On the contrary, throw them in the pool and enjoy the music as you fist pump while doing your water aerobics!

With a 12 hour rechargeable battery life, this amazing piece of technology not only survives a splash but can be dunked in 3 feet of water! It will float flat on its back with the speaker part facing upwards. it may make a gurgling sound for a few seconds until the water’s been kicked out of the system, but it will just keep on playing your tunes. The best part is that it’s not overly expensive for such speakers, costing you upwards of $149. A waterproof hatch protects all the jacks so you can easily put it to charge once out of the water, while also using it to charge other devices. how cool is that? It’s light and small, easily tossable in any handbag or into your car to take on your trip to the beach. Furthermore, critics have praised its exceptional quality when it comes to how loud and clear the music can get, announcing it as the best in outdoor rechargeable bluetooth speakers that can really withstand some of the worst of the elements.

new EcoStone Bluetooth speakers by EcoXGear dimensions