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Taxi Stockholm therapists, therapy session Sweden
Stockholm’s pioneered a new type of service that caters to the masses and takes the local market’s need into account. With only 10 hours of daylight in the city, most of which time the winters are really cloudy, the brain begins to feel the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder in terms of depression. After a long day at work and nothing but white and grey colours all around, muted and dark hues on the streets and nary a ray of sunshine to lift the mood, taxi drivers bringing people home become the pseudo-therapists forced to listen to people’s problems day in and day out. Often, they know not how to respond to some statements uttered, leaving the drivers drained by the time the passengers get off and go about the rest of their lives slightly relieved to have shared their burdens with a total stranger. Due to this phenomenon, Taxi Stockholm tested the concept of taxi therapists.

Anyone can book a therapy session with one of the psychologists in Taxi Stockholm, ensuring the ride to and from is not only smooth but also beneficial to the psyche and soothing for frayed emotions. One should not expect a single trip to solve all problems, but it definitely could be a positive step forward in one’s life. Since over 70% of passengers view the taxi as a medium for thought and reflection as well as a ride home, this is the perfect space to offer such a service. There are 3 different taxi therapists that you can book to have a session with, spending the hour’s commute to and from work airing your problems and having a professional ear listen, offer advice and probe deeper into your mindset.