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Trivago has created Travel Advice Calendars 2015 to show travellers the peak seasons and the months with the lowest hotel costs in 46 of the most popular destinations in the world. When you head out on vacation, you not only consider the weather, the sights and the comfort, but you also most definitely consider the accommodation fees, making a winter trip convenient if you are strapped on cash but really need to go out. Prices of more than 700,000 hotels were evaluated over a 3-year time period to calculate the averages for each month and come up with these calendars.

Trivago Travel Advice Calendar, cheapest months for hotel booking in popular travel destinations
Here are the best 3-4 months to travel to each of the 46 cities based on the cheapest hotel costs:

  1. Sydney: June, July, August
  2. Marrakech: July, August, September
  3. Bangkok: July, September, October
  4. Dubai: June, July, August
  5. Hong Kong: May, June, July
  6. Kuala Lumpur: August, October, November
  7. Singapore: January, March, November, December
  8. Tokyo: May, June, July, December
  9. Athens: January, February, November, December
  10. Barcelona: January, November, December
  11. Belgrade: July, August, December
  12. Berlin: January, July, August
  13. Brussels: July, August, December
  14. Budapest: January, February, March, November
  15. Copenhagen: January, February, March
  16. Dublin: January, November, December
  17. Dubrovnik: January, February, March, December
  18. Helsinki: July, December, January
  19. Istanbul: January, February, December
  20. Lisbon: January, February, December
  21. London: January, February, March
  22. Madrid: July, August, December
  23. Moscow: July, August, December
  24. Oslo: July, December, January
  25. Paris: January, February, March, August
  26. Prague: February, March, November
  27. Rome: January, February, August, November
  28. Stockholm: January, July, December
  29. St. Petersburg: July, August, December
  30. Venice: January, November, December
  31. Vienna: January, February, November
  32. Warsaw: January, July, August
  33. Calgary: January, February, March, April
  34. Cancun: September, October, November
  35. Chicago: January, February, December
  36. Las Vegas: July, August, December
  37. Los Angeles: January, February, March, April
  38. Miami: June, July, August, September
  39. Montreal: January, February, March, December
  40. New York City: January, February, March
  41. San Francisco: January, February, March, December
  42. Toronto: January, February, April, December
  43. Vancouver: January, February, March, December
  44. Washington D.C.: January, February, August, December
  45. Buenos Aires: May, June, August
  46. Santiago: August, September, December

Trivago Travel Advice Calendar, cheapest and most expensive months for hotel booking

The potential for savings that were discovered are enormous! You can save as much as £130 per night in Venice, simply by visiting in January instead of May, while New York is about £120 more expensive in October than it is in February. Amsterdam is more expensive in May but hotels are up to £74 cheaper in January. Santiago’s prices in March and April are crazy expensive, while December offers the best bang for your buck. June and September in Paris will kill your bank account, though an August vacation sounds just perfect! All in all, it appears that January, February, November and December are often the best months to travel to most places. Whereas North America is at its cheapest in the winter, certain Asian and European countries offer cheaper rates during the summer months when they know their destinations are not as attractive as those that offer really hot beach weather and blue oceans. Now we have the means to plan those overdue vacations accordingly.