National Geographic Traveler magazine has recently published the ‘Best of the World – 20 Places You Should See in 2015’ feature where it put together a list of the must-see destinations in 2015. If you haven’t decided where to go on holiday in the upcoming year, this list will help you discover that special place out there that will capture your attention, tantalise your senses and leave you with memories that time won’t manage to fade out. If you don’t manage to see any of these places in 2015, you can always add some of these to your bucket list of destinations to go in your lifetime!

1. Corsica, France: Napoleon’s Soulful Island Home

Corsica, FranceImage credit: Stella Papini

2. Medellín, Colombia: Famous for its 58-Year Old Flower Festival

Feria de las Flores, Medellín, Colombia, Festival of the flowersImage credit: Rubí Flórez

3. Koyasan, Japan: The Austere Heart of Japanese Buddhism Beats Loudly at this Monastic Complex for the 1,200th Year

Koyasan, JapanImage credit: ceenoel

4. Maramureș, Romania: One Boldly Old Wooden World

Barsana, Maramures in RomaniaImage credit: Angela Radulescu

5. Haida Gwaii, British Columbia: 12,000 Years Singing with the Sound of Silence

Landing at Rose Harbour, Haida Gwaii in British Columbia Image credit: Charles Chandler

6. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Pride of the Plains

Downtown OKC Oklahoma CityImage credit: Matthew Rutledge 

7. Tunis, Tunisia: Heralding a New Day in Phoenician North Africa

Sidi Bou Said, Tunis, TunisiaImage credit: Mohammad Usaid Abbasi 

8. Choquequirao, Peru: The Original Machu Piccu

Choquequirao, Peru, people small sizeImage credit: Danielle Pereira

9. Sark, Channel Islands: Tradition’s Last Stand Marking 450th Year of Feudalism

Channel Islands, Sark, must visit places in the worldImage credit: Smudge 9000

10. Hyderabad, India: The Diamonds of Poetic Art Last Forever

Birla Mandir, Hyderabad in IndiaImage credit:  THINK Global School

11. Port Antonio, Jamaica: Blithe Spirits in Paradise

Frenchman Cove, Port Antonio in JamaicaImage credit: Nesson Marshall

12. Taiwan: Shining Brightly out of China’s Shadow

Taiwan, Taipei Image credit: Ether Huang

13. Zermatt, Switzerland: Painting the Peak of Perfection

zermatt in switzerland matterhorn night

14. The Presidio Park, San Francisco: From Spanish Conquistadores to Star Wars

The Old Coast Guard Station and Golden Gate Bridge, the Presidio park, San Francisco, California

15. Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar: Forbidden Islands to Discover Rolling in the Deeps

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar, woman feeding fishImage credit:

16. Sea Islands, South Carolina: Eco-Resort’s Pathway to a Forgotten Past

Hilton head island, South Carolina USAImage credit: Pat Dye

17. Mont St. Michel, France: Faith and a Feat of Human Genius Restored in Original Spirit

Le Mont Saint-Michel, franceImage credit: Matthieu Luna

18. Esteros del Iberá, Argentina: Welcome to the Dazzling Land of the Jaguar

Esteros del Iberá, ArgentinaImage credit: Rodrigo Soldon 

19. National Mall Park, Washington, D.C.: The Great Unfinished Work on Hallowed Ground

The National Mall, Washington, USAImage credit: ehpien

20. Mornington Peninsula, Australia: Melbourne’s Playground

Mornington Peninsula, AustraliaImage credit: NYAHTAE