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Social networking site Reddit is known as a great platform allowing for the expression of one’s opinions. A month ago the user nicknamed noodlepoops posted a question ‘World travelers of Reddit, where did you go that was a total disappointment?‘ which gathered 25,727 comments so far! The answers were so surprising that this thread made the headlines. Check out the 10 of the world’s most disappointing tourist destinations as voted by Redditors.

1. Los Angeles, USA

Travellers complained that this Hollywood jewel appeared to be nothing more than a bold lie in which one was faced with a run-down, dangerous and dirty urban sprawl. It’s not to say that the whole of the city is thus, but there seems to be little more to see than Hollywood Boulevard, where even here one can see the homeless sleeping outside the Hall of Fame. It’s concrete and uninteresting for the most part according to some reviewers. Plus, LA is so big that those without a car to get around find themselves stuck in one place.

Hollywood Walk of Fame, Central Los Angeles in USA, most dissapointing tourist attractions destinations in the world

2. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

This may be one of the greatest wonders of the world and certainly on everyone’s Bucket List, but Redditors said that you really needed to be careful about the high rate of robbery. The Pyramids aren’t in a great expanse of desert apparently but way too close to the city so that you aren’t actually getting away from the chaos and dirt of urban surroundings. Too many have been greatly disappointed in what they’ve found inside the pyramids themselves, while others have had it with the harassment from local street beggars.

The Great Pyramid of Giza, Cairo, Egypt, the Pyramid of Cheops, most dissapointing tourist attractions

3. Stonehenge, UK

This is probably disappointing to see on the list, but it makes sense. When we see the Stonehenge on video or images, it appears a whole lot bigger than what people say it really is; furthermore, tourists cannot get close to the stones themselves, making the whole atmosphere less engaging and pulling out the dramatic suspense that’s created around the mysterious ancient monument. Maybe we can suggest visiting Armenia’s stonehenge instead? It may not appear to be as grand as England’s, but the drive is certainly worth it as you can not only get close but even scramble up to the tops of the stones that are a food 2000 years older than the one Reddit reviewers have been complaining about.

Stonehenge, England, UK, most dissapointing tourist attractions destinations in the world

4. Paris, France

This city is a strange one to appear on the list, particularly since it’s a top tourist destination that has won many an award. The rudeness of the French locals is what hurts tourists most though, while the city is said to be rather dirty. A huge complaint, obviously, is about how overpriced everything in the city is. Maybe it would be best to go to the French countryside instead?

la-tour-eiffel-france-paris-tower most dissapointing tourist attractions

5. Venice, Italy

Another city that has always appealed to us because of its historic portrayal in films and images. However, Reddit voters called Venice the tourist trap, where there’s nothing remotely affordable in the center, the canals are full of pollution and garbage, and is nothing but full of scams overall. Rome and Naples also made the list from Italy, but it seems Venice has officially gotten the worst rep. You might still want to take a weekend visit for those gondolas though!

Venice, Italy, most dissapointing tourist attractions destinations in the world

6. Bali, Indonesia

Apparently all the Bali beaches suck. That is a terrible thing of its own because the beaches are the biggest attraction where people can eat, pray and love. Skin colour might cause to be ostracized here, while the infrastructure was so bad there were those who wanted to literally run and hide. It certainly hasn’t turned out to be the paradise vacation so many make it as.

Bali beach, most dissapointing tourist attractions destinations in the world

7. Dubai, UAE

On this point, it’s probably agreed by all that Dubai is all hype but also nothing but smoke and mirrors. Outside the main hub for tourists, the people live in relative poverty, stuck in slums while watching the amazing architecture continue to rise up higher at a distance that’s walkable. The intense heat certainly won’t appeal to the average traveller as even the expats stick to their air-conditioned homes while the sun is shining bright. Outside touristic areas, one is sorely disappointed to realize there’s little of the local culture they can enjoy, whereas the omnipresent sexism makes the skin of so many tourists crawl. There’s something very fake about Dubai and is probably better as an expat destination to make loads of money than a tourist attraction.

Dubai, most dissapointing tourist attractions destinations in the world

8. Sentosa Island, Singapore

This popular Singapore’s island resort, which was named the most expensive island in SE Asia in 2014, appears to be something out of a dystopian book for some tourists who take a monorail to the beach for some fun but are instead faced with tiny patches of sand before the storefronts begin, while looking out towards the ocean grants little in terms of a grand view, instead showing off oil tankers while factories spew out smoke in the horizon. Another traveller was kind enough to state that this is a rosy view of the place for its missing the image of the dead fish washed up on land. For a place that expensive to get to, it’s hard to imagine why the government would allow for the tourist destination to become such a mess of a place.

Sentosa island resort beach, Singapore, most dissapointing tourist attractions destinations in the world

9. Malè, the Maldives

Described as something out of an amateur Sim City recreation, the capital of the Maldives appears to be nothing more than just a dump with buildings placed too close to one another and overpopulated as a whole. The rest of the tourist destination often recieve glowing reviews but the capital certainly needs a clean up.

Bird's-eye view of the central Malé island as seen from southwest, most dissapointing tourist attractions destinations in the world

10. Jamaica

This one was expected. Jamaica appears on both best and worst tourist destinations constantly, having earned a terrible rep because of its constant security problems, the reviews concerning theft and vulgar abuse spewed by locals. It is also one of the most beautiful places to visit, albeit not the safest. The constant bad rep certainly does grate on the nerves of those who have had a good time though!

Jamaica, most dissapointing tourist attractions destinations in the world

Despite what the acerage traveller posting on Reddit has to say, each place is worth the visit and the formation of new opinions. Things change all the time and a terrible review from 5 year back shouldn’t put you off when you plan on visiting Paris or Egypt today.