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Tamar NajarianExtreme1.7K
Guy Does Insane BASE Jumping over Canyon on a Mountain Bike 2

To appeal to a man’s tastes, it appears one must offer the most extreme of sports, which, in this case, includes jumping off a cliff after cycling through the canyons and being flashed by some sexy women. What better motivation than the look of a bare body before parachuting down on a bike. Think daredevil with an extra appetite for fun. it certainly gets the adrenaline going and blood pumping. It’s base jumping with a twist and boy if that parachute didn’t hold he’d be in trouble.

Camp 4 Collective shot this short film that has us almost wishing we were there to see the incredible feats ourselves. They are a team with a mission , their work “born from shooting the best action and adventure athletes in the wildest places on earth,” according to their website. Passionate for what they do, this group of artists, athletes, filmmakers and photographers presents us with stories that transcend genre and focus on the intricacies of humanity. This video was shot as an action sports porn with a new stunt no one’s ever seen before.