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Global Travel Clothing Jacket, best travel jacket outfit for travel for women and men

Let’s face it, packing can be a huge drag, especially when you’re travelling somewhere cold, rainy, or worse – both. Actually that’s not even the worst place to pack for, the worst is one where it can be cold one day, rainy the next, and warm on your third day! The best solution to enjoying a holiday like that without having to pack your entire wardrobe is to make sure you have the right jacket to begin with. So let’s take a lot at how the right jacket can totally improve your travelling experience. We’re going to talk about Global Travel Clothing Company’s versatile and stylish travel jacket, because it has got plenty of perfect design ideas as well as important bells and whistles for easy travelling.

Forget bringing a bag – you’ll have plenty of pockets

Open up one of these jackets, that are availably in 3 styles for both men and women, and you’re ready to be a peddler on the street with your 2 chest pockets for things dear to your heart (har har), an arm pocket which can be used for a music device or a handy place for spare change, and 2 large pockets for items as big as a book or tablet.

Global Travel Clothing Jacket, best travel jacket outfit for travel pocket for ipad 3Global Travel Clothing Jacket, best travel jacket outfit for travel pocket for iphoneThese big pockets can be invaluable when travelling with children and tots, as well. You can even fit in a diaper or two! Oh, and let’s not forget the 2 hidden pockets for valuables! Even better, the pockets are water resistant on both sides, making them useful even in the rain.

Make adjustments according to your specific style and needs

Windy day? No problem, just cinch the waist cord. Cold out there? Ain’t no thang, just tighten the cuff adjustors to keep the chill out. Raining? Pop on the removable hood so you won’t need to bring your umbrella. Oh, and did we mention the hood includes an eye mask for long hauls on the plane or bus? Not too shabby.

Global Travel Clothing Jacket, best travel jacket outfit for travel, features

And speaking of travelling with kids, you may want to use the bottle holding straps for more than just water – some ready-to-go milk, for instance!

Control your comfort with layers

It’s like Goldilocks and the 3 bears – one jacket might be too hot, another too cold, and the last just right. But what if what feels just right in your snowy hometown feels really hot once you hit the road – that’s a major bummer! The point is, what exactly feels just right can be different depending on the weather each day. You want a jacket that will give you the option of different temperatures. That might not seem possible, but it is if you have a jacket that has plenty of room for layering, as you can always add a fleece or vest underneath to up your body. Better yet, you can take those layers off when you start to feel warm. Global Travel Jacket has a fleece liner that will add 10°F to any jacket so you won’t feel too cold, too warm – you’ll feel just right.

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