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Next Glass app offers personal beer and wine recommendations
How often do you travel to new places only to find that your import selections are lacking while the local beer and wine lists span pages on end? It is hard to choose a drink when you have no idea what the taste will be like, how similar it may be to your favourite Heineken or Corona, or to what extent you will like the texture of the drink. That’s where Next Glass app comes in, a mobile application available on Apple and Android devices. This latest bit of technology allows you to receive personalized beer and wine recommendations using scientific algorithms to predict how much you will end up enjoying a particular beer or wine selection. By using objective chemical data to provide personal recommendations, Next Glass will help ensure you never buy a drink that does not suit your palate again. That’s a guarantee since you will be asked to rate the bottles you have drunk from, build your own unique taste profile, and explore foreign or new labels of beer and wine with more confidence.

Some cool features found on the app include:

– A personal score based on a real-time scan of the bottle telling you whether you would like the contents or not

– A quick search for any wine or beer

– A matching algorithm that shows you beers and wines similar in taste to the ones you’ve rated positively

– A Search with Friends option to see what they love to drink as chances are, you will like it as well

– A list of drink features including calorie count, sugar content and alcohol level

Next Glass app offers personalized beer and wine recommendations
In order to be able to tailor results to you personally, Next Glass has tested tens of thousands of wines and beers, analyzed over 20,000 compounds within each to identify what the tongue perceives as ‘taste’. That information is then stored in the application and used as a comparison tool, linking the “DNA” in the drink to that loved by your taste buds. Then, each bottle you rate makes the process of finding the best matches all that much easier as it analyzes the chemistry behind each like and dislike. Pointing the phone at the label will give you a personalized score as to how well this particular product matches your preferences. The Search with Friends option also checks through all the drinks to find selections that are enjoyed by everyone in the group. This application is made to replace subjective reviews with proper science, ensuring you will never waste money on the wrong drink again.

Watch the video below to see the Next Glass app in action: