What’s a ‘poshtel’ you ask? According to Trivago, these are the boutique hostels that mix affordable luxury trends with high-tech facilities, including free Wi-Fi, en-suite facilities and a stylish, modern design. It is a posh hotel that caters not only to backpackers and young people, but also appeals to fashion-conscious travellers and older generations that would love a viable alternative to budget hotels. In order to make things easier for everyone, Trivago has compiled a list of top 10 poshtels from around Europe that would make one’s travels just a little more interesting, a little more artsy, and a whole lot more comfortable on a budget price:

1. Casa Gracia in Barcelona, Spain

An authentic feel of the Catalan lifestyle can be found in this boutique hostel in Barcelona starting from just £38. Simple and chic, this poshtel is meant to be warm and inviting for those visiting the Spanish neighbourhood.

Casa Gracia in Barcelona, Spain


2. Generator in Dublin, Ireland

Urban renewal is the trending topic in this particular hostel, wherein everything is recycled and the bar has a Jameson bottle chandelier. Starting from £29, the rooms are simple and uncomfortable while there’s a private cinema room available for guests as well.

Generator in Dublin, Ireland


3. Kex in Reykjavik, Iceland

Founded on a former biscuit factory, artist studios, design houses and showrooms can be found in this chic little vintage hotel, complete with modern amenities and artistic design for around £64.

Kex in Reykjavik, Iceland


4. Gallery in Porto, Portugal

If you love art and design, this stylish hostel is perfect for you, with constant exhibitions by local artists and cultural initiatives sprucing up the space. Traditional and charming has been blended with the modern in this chic offering from £45.

Gallery in Porto, Portugal


5. ONE80° in Berlin, Germany

Falling splat in the middle of Germany’s most buzzing cities, Berlin, urban chic meets youthful spirit in this lovely upbeat hostel starting from £51. What’s so special about this poshtel is it’s photobooth in the lobby that let’s you upload pics straight through the internet, as well as its very own nightclub in the basement.

ONE80° in Berlin, Germany


6. Clink78 in London, United Kingdom

If you’re ever wished to spend the night in a courthouse, this London poshtel allows you the feeling while ensuring your comfort and a sociable atmosphere as well. It’s got the Victorian architecture, the no-nonsense Law and Order appeal, as well as a bar where the crowd can meet, interact and network, all for around £46.

Clink78 in London, United Kingdom


7. U in Madrid, Spain

It’s not often you come across a hostel that’s named a single letter, but this posh little sleek place in Madrid is positively perfect, with its 19th century restored architecture and open spaces with splashes of refreshing colours. Furthermore, U Hostel boasts a cozy cinema, a great terrace and open kitchens for all to enjoy, all starting from £39.



8. Dream in Tampere, Finland

Open plan communal areas and an airy atmosphere are the captivating characteristics of this poshtel located close to public transport and design in the Nordic manner. Simple and functional, this space screams of clean comfort starting from £56.

Dream in Tampere, Finland


9. Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage in London, United Kingdom

The warm, earthy, posh atmosphere of olden England beckons through this poshtel wherein oak furnishing and sweeping staircases add an air of grandeur to the space. Comfortable, polished and equipped with a conservatory, this hotel is definitely worth the stay starting from £65.

Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage in London, United Kingdom


10. Maverick in Budapest, Hungary

By far the cheapest on the list as it starts from £19, this poshtel built in a royal manor from the Habsburg Dynasty is well worth the visit. Combining olden architecture with modern design, this hostel offers all the amenities one could ask for, including satellite TV and free WiFi. The best part is that within a 15 min walk, one can find quite a few touristic sites to visit.

Maverick in Budapest, Hungary