wolffepack backpack

Travelling light is often the best option when you have made the adventure of a lifetime your priority, and this often means carrying around a backpack that holds all your worldly goods, at least for time you spend abroad. Most bags are bulky and hard to reach, having you try out your flexibility and maybe pinch a muscle as you constantly carry it and have to put it down to grab something out. Ingenious designs have appeared of late, but nothing beats Wolffepack®, the current Kickstarter fundraising project that will have travellers praising it for its better access, comfort and security.

wolffepack backpack demonstration gif

According to this demonstration, all a traveller needs to do is swing the pack to the front, take care of one’s needs, and swing it back into lace. It utilizes a unique patent-pending feature called the expetoSYSTEM®, in itself an orbital trapeze technology. Your travelling companion is often just your backpack when you decide to go out and find yourself. Wolffepack, featured in newspapers such as The Sun, Telegraph.co.uk, Yahoo! Finance, GeekyGadgets, etc., helps address many of your travel needs. This includes bumping into fellow travellers as you zigzag your way through a line-up, feeling uncomfortable in your seat when you do not have the time or space to remove your bag, and worrying about having your pack on your back and not being able to keep a close eye on its contents.

backpack wolffepack swings to the front but stays strapped to your back

Designed to carry technology and organize your belongings in a manner where it’s easy to reach what you may need, padded pockets have been added for your laptop, while multiple pockets exist for chargers, smartphones, eReaders, headphones, etc. Stationary have their own pockets, while an external slip allows for quick access to those water bottles and umbrellas. Furthermore, wide padded shoulder straps spread the load and ease the tension on your neck, shoulders and back.

backpack wolffepack designs

With two slightly differing designs, one’s meant for city and professional lifestyles while the other is perfect for escaping into the world of travel. With cords stronger than steel and componentry tough enough for the military, this unique backpack is aimed to be available on the market come May 2015.