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Trunkster Smart Suitcase, Zipperless Luggage USB charging, a built-in scale and GPS

Travellers look for luggage that will make their lives easier along the way, no matter where the trip is to. Between brittle zippers, cumbersome flaps, unreliable wheels prone to breakage and flimsy handles, we are often given little in terms of options for the type of bags we carry about with us to our destinations. The Kickstarter campaign for Trunkster seems to prove that people are tired of the old typical models of baggage, instead preferring something modern, new, sleek and made for the 21st century. At already nearly tripling its expectations of $50,000 in crowdfunding money, it’s interesting to follow up in 45 days when the project will close this phase as to how much over their expectation they managed to collect. The truth is that we all need something more from a piece of luggage and when you can grab it for just a little bit over the price of a regular luggage piece, it’s certainly worth the investment.

Trunkster Smart Zipperless Luggage Suitcase USB charging, a built-in scale and GPS.

Some of the main features of the Trunkster luggage that make it so incredibly worthwhile include it’s zipperless function with a roll-top door instead in order to allow you to access your belongings faster in more constricted spaces, integrated power for charging on the go, particularly if you are making a pit stop somewhere for a few hours, a built-in scale so you are never overweight, an enhanced handle for better mobility, as well as an integrated GPS system which gives you peace of mind no matter where you are. Here’s hoping it never gets lost, but if the airlines ever misplace your baggage, you know you have the ability to salvage your precious belongings. Plus the 5 year warranty on the products will ensure you are getting only the best in quality for your travel baggage. This is only available to Kickstarter backers, however and will require you to purchase the pieces you want at a lower price during the next 56 days. Between hidden compartments, a TSA lock and all-terrain wheels, this new innovation is bound to impress you with all its integrated features.

Check out the video telling more about this revolutionary Trunkster suitcase: