There’s a new innovation in the travel industry each week, each day, sometimes each hour! In this case, the exclusive online hotel marketplace named Stayful is staying on top of the game by adding features through well-known and loved social media, particularly Twitter. Through a Twitter interface, Tweetstay has been launched on Tuesday, wherein users just tweet a hotel request within 30 days of their stay to @Stayful #tweetstay; they then wait for the online booking service to negotiate a great price with independent boutique hotels served by Stayful. All this is done in real time and with negotiation coming up with a price quote lower than that which can be found elsewhere.

Here’s how to use it

Stayful Twitter boutique hotel booking cheap deals
We as travellers always want the best deals money can buy. Hotels, on the other hand, really hope to have all their rooms booked, preferring to have lower margins of profit per room over leaving it empty. This is a win-win situation for all. At the moment, Stayful serves top destination cities nationwide, including Boston, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, Houston, Orlando, and Miami. Unfortunately, the service is currently only available in the US, but that means one can book unique experiences in hotels outside the typical cookie-cutter model with a simply social media application.

To use this new product, Twitter users should tweet to @Stayful #tweetstay their desired destination city, along with whether they want budget, mid-priced or premium, their arrival date and how many nights they’d like to book for. Voila! You have the hotel booked for cheaper than average and you should get on to packing, particularly if you’re heading over in less than 30 days! After all, the average traveller ends up saving up to 32% on their hotel expenses.