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Tommy Hilfiger solar power jackets with solar panels can charge smartphone, tablets, devices for travel

Wearable garments and travel bags are beginning to really cater to the public’s need for having their phones charged on the go. We’ve seen luggages, backpacks and even belts. Now, we’re seeing jackets with the power to recharge your dead or dying batteries. Jackets by designer labels such as Tommy Hilfiger no less. Furthermore, we are looking at renewable energy being used, through solar panels fastened to the back of the jackets. That’s a pretty cool feat and highly commendable for the company. It appears that with the assistance of solar manufacturer Pvilion, a pair of winter jackets, one for men and the other for women, have been launched with the panels ready to collection solar power in order to ensure that instead of carrying around another device that you also need to remember to charge around with you, you get to rely on your  tartan designed stylish pieces.

 Tommy Hilfiger solar power jackets with solar panels can charge smartphone, tablets, devices clothing for travellers

Made of wool and nylon, the Solar Powered Jackets don’t have the panels permanently fastened on. Instead, one can remove the flexible, water-resistant items by just snapping off and put them back on when necessary. There’s a battery pack in one of the front pockets that’s connected to the panels with a cable and sports 2 USB ports, meaning you can be charging 2 separate devices at one time. At full charge, it can fill up your phone or anything with a 1500 mAh charge up to four times! It may be costly (its price is $599), but know that half the profits made will be donated to charity, the Fresh Air Fund. You may be spending a pretty penny, but you will be helping out groups of underprivileged children as well.

These Tommy Hilfiger’s Solar Powered Jackets launched as the limited edition, so you may need to hurry up if you wish to get one.