We are in the digital age at the moment, wherein tour agencies without dynamic packages and IT incorporation quickly become obsolete. In such a fast-paced world, it’s necessary to innovate quickly, constantly centering product offering around what customers need. In TripAdvisor’s case, it’s been quite clear that travellers love to book their tours beforehand, through an online portal, and require the means to compare types of tours with their prices and specifics offered on each site with one another. The latest feature added to TripAdvisor allows one to do just that using Vlator, a tool acquired in August that allows users to compare and book tickets for attractions as well as tours that meet their needs. Three options will be presented, out of which users are given a choice of small group, private or skip-the-line types. Of course, descriptions and prices for each will be provided. If the details match customer needs, they can book right through the site.

TripAdvisor New Feature comparing and booking tours and attractions tickets
“The new TripAdvisor tour feature offers a convenient way for travelers to compare popular tours and book the one that’s perfect for their trip,” said Adam Medros, senior vice president, global product, TripAdvisor. “Now travelers on TripAdvisor have a much more intuitive way to find great things to do in cities around the world.”

Covering over 7900 attractions worldwide, this feature is available on English-language platforms, both through desktop and mobile app. There are, of course, plans to introduce it in more languages over time, reaching an even larger clientele.