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San Francisco, poop on the streets problem epidemic, Tenderloin Pit Stop, Human Wasteland map

It appears that there are parts of the world where people defecate on the streets. San Francisco certainly suffers from this terrible poop epidemic, wherein public toilets in the past have been a disaster in eradicating. With over 10,000 homeless living on the streets of the city, it’s not such a wonder to imagine any of those individuals deciding to take a dump on the pavement. For some reason, they can’t seem to find their way to a plot of soil, dig for a minute or 2 and then rid their bodies of its waste. They have decided that subway stations, general sidewalks and anywhere they are at the moment is good enough a bathroom. Public bathrooms have been shut down in the past due to hours spent inside shooting up drugs.

However, it looks like San Francisco has a new data-driven solution to this age old problem. Six months ago, the city launched the Tenderloin Pit Stop and found a more luxurious manner of cleaning up the streets of its human waste. This includes portable bathrooms with a sink, 2 toilets, a dog waste station and a needle disposal bin. You have five minutes to do your needs and then the attendant at the door will call you out. Every evening the bathrooms will be cleaned up and then brought out for use once again.

A waste map called (Human) Wasteland, created by web developer Jennifer Wong, is able to give a great overview of which regions are the most problematic, taking the locations of complainants into account.

San Francisco, poop on the streets problem epidemic, Tenderloin Pit Stop, Human Wasteland map California, USA

The major wasteland is in the Tenderloin neighbourhood, which is where the project gets its name. Over the next bit, the Tenderloin Pit Stop may also be expanding into other regions as well and will help put an end to the existence of human waste on the streets. At the moment, it’s just a 6 month pilot project.

At the moment, the three Tenderloin Pit Stop locations are:

  • Ellis Street (btw. Taylor and Jones streets)
  • Hyde Street (btw. Eddy and Turk streets)
  • Golden Gate Avenue (btw. Jones and Taylor streets)

The nonprofit SF Clean City ensure the mobile bathrooms are staffed daily and the facilities are secure. They are available for public use from 2 pm to 9 pm, Tuesdays to Fridays. The portable bathrooms themselves will be solar powered in a bid to be as eco-friendly as possible.

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