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Beer is that amazingly delicious but bitter alcoholic beverage that bloats the tummy but brings together groups of stranger, suddenly making close friends out of unknown faces. It’s been around for thousands of years, brewed in certain ancient countries as a delicacy documented about by Strabo. This includes the Armenians as well, where wine and beer went hand in hand. These days, however, consumption of beer is a daily activity for some and it’s been interesting to track down  the countries where the most barley drinks flow. Whether from the tap or by bottle, it’s interesting to know that consumption in the UK has decreased over the years. The downfall of Guinness is actually a favourite example given in marketing management classes when explaining the do’s and don’ts of a company’s marketing strategy.

According to The Telegraph‘s interpretation of Euromonitor research, the sheer population of China makes it the single most beer-consuming country as a whole, but it ranks rather low when you count number of litres per head, coming up to only about 40L a person. Instead, the smaller nation of Czech Republic lands the #1 spot for this category, with 143L per person, while Germany is close on its heels with numbers depicting about 110L a head. It appears Muslim countries are showing the highest growth in beer consumption, including Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Indonesia. However, this may be due to the fact that the members of these population drink non-alcoholic beers. Countries like Guatemala in South America have also seen a significant increase in the amount of beer drunk by their people, while Africa’s a new market discovering the potency of the drink.

It should also be noted that while UK’s beer consumption is down to about 67L per capita, cider’s popularity has increased. It may be that tastes are changing in the British kingdom and people are opting for the taste of warm apple instead of cold barley.

Top 10 countries listed in order of highest beer consumption per head (total consumed in brackets)

1. Czech Republic: 143 litres (1.5 bln litres)
2. Germany: 110 litres (8.9 bln litres)
3. Austria: 108 litres (920 mln litres)
4. Estonia: 104 litres (135 mln litres)
5. Poland: 100 litres (3.8 bln litres)
6. Ireland: 93 litres (430 mln litres)
7. Romania: 90 litres (1.8 bln litres)
8. Lithuania: 89 litres (260 mln litres)
9. Croatia: 82 litres (346 mln litres)
10. Belgium: 81 litres (900 mln litres)

Check out this chart below showing beer sales growth rate by destination:

Which Country Boasts the Highest Consumption of Beer, who drinks the most graph