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Up until today, we’ve been rather piqued at the thought of not having essential Internet access as we fly for hours around the world. For business people especially, this lack of connectivity can pose a problem. It’s a good thing that about 52 airlines in the world do offer in-flight Wi-Fi, but even at that, it’s not often any good. As such, the Global State of In-flight Wi-Fi report from Routehappy, a product differentiation platform for air travel. Routehappy spells it all out in its Scores & Happiness Factors API, identified flights that offered the necessary luxury and grouped them based on two factors: the chance of airlines including Wi-Fi (‘some’, ‘good’, or ‘very good’ based on subfleet rollouts) and the type of Wi-Fi technology they offer (‘good’, ‘better’, ‘best’). This means that while the airline might have an Internet option, the connection might be terribly weak, and, in very rare cases, fast and reliable.

According to the report, 24% of flights offer ‘some’ chance of having Wi-Fi, while when they do, only 1% offer the best form of Internet, with 34% offering a rather passable connection. Nine non-US airlines offer a ‘very good chance’ of Wi-Fi on more than 20% of their international flight miles, including:

  • Over 80% of international Icelandair flights
  • Over 80% of international Norwegian Air Shuttle flights
  • Over 50% of international Etihad Airways flights
  • About 50% of Singapore Airlines flights
  • Over 40% of international Lufthansa flights
  • Over 40% of Iberia flights
  • Over 30% of Aeroflot flights
  • Around 30% of international Emirates flights
  • Over 20% of long-haul Japan Airlines flights
  • Just under 20% of Qatar Airways flights
  • Around 15% of Thai Airways flights
  • Over 10% of Turkish Airlines flights

While not all crafts in the fleets offer Wi-Fi, the Boeings are the most common that do and a good amount of airbuses have also turned to adding this luxury. All in all, it appears as if Norwegian Air Shuttle and Icelandair are the best flights for Wi-Fi around the world.

To present the findings, Routehappy produced this infographic that shows which airlines offer the most Wi-Fi enabled flights and the current situation of in-flight Wi-Fi.

Routehappy Global State of In-Flight Wi-Fi infographic report, airlines with best wi-fi, Enhanced Wi-Fi Data In Scores & Happiness Factor API

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