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In the English town of Glastonbury introverted individuals can finally find some relaxation while also greatly enjoying tour packages pulled together to meet their specific needs. It’s not that these people are too shy to be out and about. It’s simply that an introvert needs a lot more alone time, peace and quiet during the day. An extrovert, on the other hand, will enjoy the loud, positively crazy parties, the rumbustious bus rides, the days spent with high levels of energy. Where an extrovert feeds on the energy felt in a crowd, an introvert feels drained after the encounter. That is where, in order to maximise the pleasures found in the course of being a tourist, Lisa Avebury (pictured below) created the Sacred Introvert Retreat Tours. As an introvert herself, this meant she could do what she loved most while allowing others like her to enjoy the tourist attractions of England in a manner more suited to their personalities.

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It’s all about comfort and freedom as 20 individuals in a group get to stay at the Glastonbury Abbey Retreat on the grounds of the 7th century Abbey ruins. They thus get to enjoy the serenity of the ancient place while staying in a separate simple room and being offered daily activities and excursions to the famous touristic places such as Bath, Stonehenge, Cheddar Gorge and other attractions. The addition of yoga sessions, meditations and long walks to clear the mind are a welcome addition. Since everyone has a little bit of both psychological traits normally, it’s important that they are given the freedom to choose their own itineraries and the amount of time spent touring throughout the day.

“This travel experience will provide the opportunity for quiet travelers to always have their own room, yet be surrounded by like-minded people in surroundings that will refresh them,” says Avebury.

This focus on the person’s traits has opened many doors for potential business opportunities and it would be a nice change to see more activities and institutions geared towards those who are not extroverts and who do not find a full day of nonstop interactions and exertions totally fun.

The 10 day retreat tour will be taking place on May 1 this year, however bookings are open until March 16. The cost of the tour is $3795 USD.


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