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New age technology means we should be moving on from our traditional wind-up or battery-operated watches into something that matches with our smartphones, smart televisions, and smart everything else in the house. Smartwatches have entered the market and are certainly blowing people away by their sleek designs and specific applications that make life all that much easier to get through. This includes your days travelling abroad. For the traveller in you, the TripCase app will most definitely come in handy, allowing you to keep track of flight times, gates to go to and other travel information, with all of this available on your wrist. No need to pull out that cell phone or laptop to figure it all out. In order to be able to use this app with a smartwatch, you should opt for the Samsung Gear S, Android Wear, or Pebble would be a great idea, particularly since they will have this travel app integrated as the first for smartwatches. You can, however, also use the app on your mobile phone.


Foursquare and Uber integration in the TripCase app is also fun, as well as its ability to remember places for a few hours. The smartwatch also allows for communication with your mobile phone, quickly launching the TripCase app when necessary. Since it’s been estimated that by 2018 there will about about 112 million units of wearable smart technology sold, Sabre has beaten everyone to the punch by launching TripCase, the first of its kind to integrate with the highly-anticipated Samsung Gear S smartwatch, launched recently in the UK. Furthermore, Sabre showcased its Google Glass prototype travel app last week at the World Travel Market. Wearable technologies help create a fuller travel experience overall and Sabre’s really beating the rest to the market.