Cool Patch Pumpkins maze, Dixon, California, the largest corn maze in the world
The Guinness World Record for the largest temporary crop maze has been released and the winners since 2007 take the 2014 slot once again! Located in Dixon, California, the gigantic creation of two brothers Matt and Mark Cooley covering 60 acres is providing on the thrill of a maze with enough twists and turns and dead ends to keep one occupied for hours on end! You literally get lost in the world of corn, and when darkness falls, the problem of reaching the end becomes palpable. We know it’s hard enough to get through the impossible paths in broad daylight but it appears fear has brought many a thrill-seeker to tears and broken them down to the point where 911 had to be called for help! Now that’s hard!

This year, the maze is actually 20 acres larger than what it was in 2007. Getting lost isn’t always fun and after hours of finding no way out, it can really affect the psyche. However, the maze is also an absolute delight, having just closed down on November 1 after being open to the public throughout the month of October as a Halloween attraction. According to their official website, the Cooley Brothers claim that along with the World’s Largest Corn Maze, Cool Patch Pumpkins also featured pumpkin varieties, scarecrow exhibits, as well as last year’s pumpkin-pulverized VW bug. It’s more than just a maze and a whole load of fun to be had for just $12 a day, open from 9 am to 8 pm daily.

Watch the Fox News video below for interesting insights about this maze:

If you’re looking for some fun with the family for a few hours throughout October, mark this place down as a must-see attraction in 2015! They’re sure to take the World Record once again!