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yodessa-stool-tizumaka-compact-innovative-chareImage credit: designboom.com

When we’re out somewhere and have a long lineup to wait through, whether at a concert or going through an official procedure with civil servants, or perhaps even while waiting our turn at the theme park to get on that ride, we get tired, our feet hurt and if we are wearing heels, God help us, we’ll be needing a good soak for a few days after. Taking this problem into consideration, there have been many portable chairs invented, including Yodessa stool by Tizumuka, the one in the image you see above that took home the prize at the 2014 Red Dot Awards. This flat-packed stool comprises of a seat, the legs and a plumbing valve knob to keep it all in place, which you can put together in less than a minute yourself. It’s fast and easy, but it’s also not something you can carry around to every single place you go. Having a few in your car, however, can definitely make life easier. Check out the video to see how this chair works:

Yet, an even better solution is now available, having introduced itself on Kickstarter as a manner by which one can relax anywhere with the ergonomic, portable Sitpack seat, designed by mono+mono.

portable sitpack seat by mono mono, most compact chare in the world


portable sitpack seat by mono mono, most compact chare in the world colours

The Sitpack allows one to sit back and rest the body on a minimalist seat that can be folded up so small that you can place it in your pocket and carry it around anywhere you need it to be. According to the designers, the vision of the products was to make sitting and resting easily available for everyone, no matter age or where they are. In turn, users are expected to have increased blood flow and focus, while keeping their balance and core active. Seat production was through a 3D printer and there are many colour variations to suit every taste. The piece can support over 130kg, meaning most everyone can use the product! It’s most definitely worth the buy, and it also goes to help a family-owned manufacturing facility in Denmark, supporting a local populace.

At the moment, the product is seeking funding on Kickstarter and has been nominated as a Kickstarter Staff Pick. Sitpack is expected to be available from April 2015.