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One of the biggest concerns we have when heading off on vacation is how safe our homes will be from burglary. We fret constantly, calling next of kin to assure us everything’s all right, so that we can enjoy our days away. Now, a new type of security measure has been invented by BeON Home that connects a BeON light bulb to your phone digitally, allowing you to customize lighting settings that would scare off the thieves of the night checking to see if you are home to plan their invasion thus.

How does it work? The BeON Burglar Deterrant light bulb is a stress-free home security system currently being funded with Kickstarter which you install like a regular light bulb and it works like regular bulb too except with a twist. The bulb reads your lighting patterns while you are at home and when you slide a finger on the app to activate the away function, it emulates it. The bulb is wired to listen to the doorbell and turn on the lights in sequence should someone come knocking, just as you would if you were at home, effectively scaring off those who thought the empty house would be easy pickings. You would need a pack of bulbs to achieve this phenomenon, but it sure does work!

BeON Burglar Deterrent smart light bulb

Other features also include the built-in rechargeable battery in the bulb so you’re not left without light should the power go off. Furthermore, when you turn off the light it will slowly fade so you’re not completely left in darkness, while it will slowly turn on so you’re not suddenly hit with a string light, hurting your eyes. It even lights your way to the exit should smoke be detected. Watch the video below to learn more about how these BeON light bulbs work:

In other words, whether you are at home or not, these innovative light bulbs are smart enough to take very good care of you. You can go out of town with your mind at peace that no one’s going to discover that you’re not there unless you have expressly told them.

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