London Tower Bridge Glass Floor over the river Thames new attraction
Walk on the river, jump over the bridge, feel like you are the king of the world. It’s all possible when you try out the new glass floor that so transparent, you feel like you can squash those little people and cars moving about underneath. At 42 meters above the Thames River in London, those who love to test their ability to handle heights can really look through a bird’s eye and watch the flurry of activity underneath. Tourists and locals alike are treated to a one-of-a-kind experience as they can watch the bridge open up during the 1,000 times a year it’s due to allow vessels and cargo ships to pass through. Considering that marks a few times a day, no matter when you decide to visit London, you are in for one amazing form of a surprise!

London Tower Bridge Glass Floor Walkway over the river Thames new attraction
The glass floor of the high level walkway is probably one of the most significant changes made to the Tower Bridge since the 1980s. It is a far cry from the way it looked during its inception on 30 June 1894, inaugurated the Prince of Wales, who was later crowned King Edward VII. Plus, you can really see those bascules being raised beneath your feet as you hop around. The 11m long walkway took a team of 20 to build, using up about £1 million. The Eastern walkway is due to open on December 1st and will add to the whole of the experience!

london tower bridge glass floor
Below you can watch the fun to be had if you are brave enough to try out the Tower Bridge walkway: