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We know you love your GoPro and you don’t just love using it either. Stocks have surged by 11% with the latest release of GoPro Hero. It isn’t just GoPro that’s released a new gadget either. It seems the amateur video industry has been making traction with its focus on intruding new gadgets to the market that will help capture every nuance of our daily lives. The market demands items that are light in weight, rather compact and possibly even wearable, freeing the hands up to put them to better use. Add high-definition, wide-angle cameras and a remote manner of control to the device and you have techies and us regular people mesmerized. The creativity that’s possible with such a camera knows no bounds.

Of course, for every invention out there, a competitor will come up with a better product that may be cheaper, have more features or simply meet market needs. Kodak took the GoPro concept to new heights with its PIXPRO SP 360 Action Cam, the world’s first camera that takes 360-degree images and video footage. Furthermore, what type of 21st century product would it be without a WiFi option (one that some GoPro models do not have), streaming to iOS, Android, Windows or Mac machines. What better way to share your adventures in the wilderness, particularly when enclosing the camera in bike mounts or waterproof cases, with your loved ones and the world! Other ameas which claim similar functions stitch together footage obtained to create a 360 degree look. The pixpro SP360 Action Cam doesn’t need this type of processing and works right out of the box. Furthermore, you can work it remotely as well, making it similar to a GoPro but with one essential added feature: the 360 degree view options.

Though not as affordable as the GoPro, the Kodak camera certainly is a great competitor, especially while boasting 1080 p HD imagery, 16mp MOS sensor and 10FPS multi-burst shooting. Now what that means is that  this design allows for switching between video and still photo, in which the details are pristine clear and 10 photos are shot per second. That’s one hell of a fast shot and can capture action photos like never before.

Kodak Pixpro SP360 Action Camera

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What’s more, the Kodak website claims that instead of manually turning the camera on when you want specific scenes photographed, this spectacular device also includes motion detection. You won’t be scaring off those deers by moving around and the photos you capture will be breathtaking! Can you imagine, professional photos taken by amateurs in the field with a camera that costs but a fraction of a professional device? About $400 gets you a rather complete kit, including additional accessories that let you swim with the camera, take it into the mountains with you or simply go skydiving with! The opportunities for use are endless and you get some stunningly irreplaceable memories captured on camera. The way you see the world can be thus emulated in a single photograph or video footage.